The Break Room

Contact information

The Break Room
843 Hanover Street
Manchester NH 03104

Phone: (603) 935-9974

Hours of Operation

Friday   6pm – 10pm
Saturday   12pm – 10pm
Sunday   12pm – 6pm


The Break Room

You deserve a break so why not take it with us? Express yourself in one of our themed rooms in a safe, fun environment by smashing, throwing & destroying various items from home appliances to glass bottles!
(one room is office themed, one is glow in the dark and one an ever-changing room that can also be customized for large events)

We will be the only smash room to have a children’s expression room…think playing loud instruments, drawing on walls, crafts, books, Lego’s, blocks…and more. We also have a party room that can be opened up to the children’s room or can be used for birthday parties or any other event